Friday Fantasy

Yay for my second Friday Fantasy post! This means I got through my week! :) You know how I’ve been complaining about the weather in Boston? Well.. it didn’t get any better. It snowed like crazy on Wednesday and Thursday. My commute to work was not fun! So here are five things I fantasized about this week while I slogged through the snow!

1) Eating outside with an amazing view in Lisbon. I found this photo through Kate from and I was instantly hooked! I asked her where the photo was taken and she told me it was Lisbon. Lisbon has never been on my mind but this photo intrigues me. Check out the post by Kate on Lisbon: The Sunshine of Lisbon.

2) Snorkeling in Hawaii. Before I say anything, let me tell you that I am horrified of the ocean and the sea. I have no idea what is underneath the water and that freaks me out. I went kayaking on the beach in Cambodia once and when we got to the deep end, I refused to step off of the kayak. So when I went to Hawaii a couple of years ago, snorkeling did not sound fun but…. I had to try it. I was in Hawaii and it was the best thing ever. I thought I’d be looking at fish from far away but they were just casually swimming around me and it was the coolest thing ever. If I went back to Hawaii (hopefully soon) that is the first thing I am doing!

3) Sailing in Puerto Rico. If you’ve been catching up with my week, you will know why. The Rum Diary got me wanting to go to Puerto Rico really badly. Just hanging out on a sailboat, swimming, tanning, reading and then watching the sunset… now, this is a real fantasy. Sigh….The photo below is so not a sailing boat but give me that boat instead! It’s also not Puerto Rico but you get the idea…I want to be doing that in Puerto Rico. Look how clear the water is!

4) Hang out with Giraffes…? Who wouldn’t want to? My boyfriend sent me this article on Flavorwire: The 20 Most Extraordinary Hotel Rooms in the World and even though there were a bunch of really cool ones, the one hotel where giraffes can just peak in and hang out is totally awesome.It’s the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya and it has amazing reviews. One of the reviewers on TripAdvisor said: “Can you image arriving at 3:00 AM from a flight from Europe and have two giraffes stick their heads in the lobby windows?” Um… NO I CANNOT and I so wish I could!

5) Just go on a date! This cute video of couples going on dates tortured me :( I wanna go on cute dates and cuddle. But I will get to, soon. This video made for Tiffany & Co.’s What Makes Love True campaign is called “What Makes Love True” and is by the talented Garance Doré and The Sartorialist. The couples themselves are cute but the dialogue in the background is so adorable as well. Yes, I do want a nice hug from my boyfriend once in a while. Haha. There’s nothing more wonderful than spending the time with your loved ones. (On that note, I miss you Mr.Penguin!) :)

There you have it! I know it’s a bit late but Happy Friday everybody! Have an amazing weekend! :) 

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