Quick preview of my weekend.

I was so ready to publish this post on Wednesday – since it was a leap day and I could not NOT post something on a special day but I failed to do so. :( Leap day wasn’t anything special. It snowed for the first time in a month and it snowed all day. It was pretty but gloomy at the same time and when it turned into rain, it was not so much fun. It carried on snowing yesterday and commute to work was not easy. I’m hoping this weekend will be a lot better. Apart from that, leap day was just one extra day on my calendar to work, to live and to spend with my loved ones. This year, I got one extra day to spend with everyone I love! :)

Last weekend I went to a conference on Saturday, which was so much fun. It was at a PR conference and I met so many wonderful people who are passionate about the industry and love their job. Sunday was the best part though. I went to the SoWa Vintage Market and the Open Market for the very first time! Turns out, it was located at this place with lots of art galleries on the South End, which I’ve been desperately looking for after I went there last year.

Anyway, I completely fell in love with the Vintage Fair right away and needless to say, I am going back this weekend. I think I will be a frequent visitor. Feel free to join me anytime! I’ll do a specific post after this weekend with all the information since last weekend I just went as a pre-visit. Here are few photos I took.

Feel free to join me this Sunday 10-4pm at the SoWa Vintage Market! :)


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