La Tartine Gourmande in Person.

On Thursday, after work, despite the fact that it was snowing, I decided to grab my camera and head over to an event. I got an email earlier this week letting me know that Béatrice Peltre, a very well known food blogger, photographer and author of La Tartine Gourmande was going to be at Trident doing a free cooking demo!

I was so tempted to just skip it and go home since it was so cold, but I fought through it and went. I’m glad I did! Béatrice was so cute and funny in person (just like her blog) and it was so interesting to hear about her life story, how she wrote the book and all the countries that inspired her to put this book together.

She made Apple and Pear Verrines, which looked amazing but I didn’t get to try a sample because there were a lot of people. Even thought she made it look so easy, cooking, talking and entertaining us at the same time, I don’t even dare to try making it at home. Once I move to a bigger apartment and have a nicer kitchen, maybe I will attempt (yea, right). For now, I’ll just fantasize and drool while looking through her book and her blog. Check out her website and her book at:


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