SoWa Vintage Market (Pt.2): Meet Stephanie!

Stephanie is one of the founders of SoWa Vintage Market along with John (I’ll do a separate post for John). She was kind enough to invite me to take some pictures of her booth and introduce me to some of the vendors at the market! Stephanie and John’s booths are right in the middle section as you enter through the main entrance. Here are some of the great items I found at their booth.

When you are at the market, drop by and say ‘hi’ to Stephanie. I definitely enjoyed her owl collection and had fun arranging the name of my blog with the letters (above). There are a wide variety of items at the booth from clothes to pins to furniture (including ones made by John himself, which I’ll talk about in the following post). Stephanie also has her own website/blog: & you can also find her on twitter: @vintagesteph.

Stay posted throughout the week for more photos and stories of my trip to the Vintage Market!


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