SoWa Vintage Market (Pt.3): Meet John!

John is one of the founders of SoWa Vintage Market, along with Stephanie. The reason I wanted to do a separate post for John was because I wanted to talk specifically about his work! If you visit Stephanie and John’s booth, you will see some great cabinets. His designs are full of colors and patterns. The cabinets grabbed my eyes instantly and I had John tell me a bit more about them. He has been making these for about ten years now and he started because he wanted to find something he liked doing – which was to create things! He told me he was always drawn into art books and prints as a child and he was always fascinated by all the vibrant colors.

The materials he uses to make the cabinets are all recycled products and were part of different furnitures. He liked the idea of using the pieces from abandoned furniture and turning it into new, sturdy, piece of art. He tells me that the idea of using colors and shapes to change people’s emotions fascinates him. Most of his designs have numbers and letter incorporated in them, which I think is so fun!

John was chosen to be a part of Craft Boston, a show of contemporary art, craft and design, a very well-known event in the craft world. The event is on March 23 – 25 and will be held at Seaport World Trade Center. For more information about the event, visit

You can also see John’s work on his blog:


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