Friday Fantasy

It’s Friday again! If you read my quick preview of my weekend, you’d know I’m going to NY this weekend and I’m super excited. I’m still a bit sick but I think I’ll be ok (keep your fingers crossed!) and hopefully I’ll get rid of this annoying cough soon. This week, since I was cold and sick, my main ‘fantasy’ was to be in a hot climate. I miss the hot climate so much – even the suffocating heat!

1. Relax on Cabo Sans Lucas in Mexico. I came across an article on the Huffington Post called “World’s Best Beaches, As Picked By TripAdvisor” and couldn’t stop staring at the photos of the top 25 beaches. How can you not want to go to the beach after seeing this photo? I can’t wait for the summer even though there’s no guarantee that I’ll be able to go to the beach this year.

2. Take photos of these amazing walls in Brazil. These floating graffiti in Brazil has positive words like ‘beleza’ (‘beauty’), ‘amor’ (‘love’), ‘doçura’ (‘sweetness’), ‘firmeza’ (‘steadfastness’) and ‘orgulho’ (‘pride’). It’s a project by Spanish art collective, Boa Mistura in São Paulo, Brazil. I am always fascinated by graffiti and I love the colors! Read more about this project here.

3. Walk around and take photos of Chicago. If there’s one city in the U.S. I want to photograph, it’s Chicago (and San Francisco but Chicago first). I don’t really know why but I’ve always wanted to. I’ve also always wanted to live there which is weird because the only time I’ve been there was few months back when I went for like a night. Not even a full 24 hours. I do have great friends in the area so I’m hoping I’d get a chance to visit soon. I came across a post on Nick Debono Photography and his photos made me want to go take my own pictures even more! Check out his post for more pictures!

4. Visit this macaroon store in Mexico. Why this particular one? Let the photo below show you why. The clean, white interior with pops of colors of the Macaroons makes me want to be there right now. I love how the colors stand out and because of the complete white interior. I found this through a post on Sugar & Cloth and fell in love so I had to check out their website. If I ever go to Mexico, I’m definitely visiting Theurel & Thomas.

5. Camp out in Eastern Sierra. Being surrounded in complete nature with no human beings around at all kind of scares me but there’s something about these series of photos by this blogger that makes me want to go and be in that setting. I love nature and being outdoors but I also need some sign of humanity or I’ll probably go crazy. But it’s definitely something I would love to try once (or more if I like it).

So this is what I fantasized over the week while battling through the cold weather and the flu! Is there anything you have done that’s on my list or are there any you would like to try? Well, needless to say, I’m excited for my little getaway this weekend. Hopefully the weather will be nice!

Happy Friday Everyone & Stay Warm (and Healthy)!


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