SoWa Vintage Market (Pt.6): Meet Lenore and Jon

So, if you have been following me, you would have probably noticed that I did a whole series of blog posts on the SoWa Vintage Market. Well, I wasn’t quite done. There’s just one more couple that I wanted to talk about. Meet Lenore and Jon!

Although I loved all the collections at the Vintage Market, Lenore and Jon had the most interesting collections. I LOVE vintage items that have a little bit of pop culture to it and that is what I would say their collection was like. Lenore and Jon have always enjoyed going to flea markets before they opened a booth at SoWa Vintage Market. Jon makes his own sculptures which he calls them his ‘monsters.’ They really do look like little monsters with eyes and legs. It’s so interesting to see him use recycled products and turn them into art! Lenore told me that Jon has an eye for esthetics and she is definitely right! She also added that he has the power of seeing potentials in things and have an imagination.

Thanks everyone for reading through my posts on SoWa Vintage Market.

Feel free to read all of them here and definitely visit them in person when you get a chance :)


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