Weekend in NYC Pt.1: Birthday Cake Truffles & Macaroons

I am so sorry I’ve been M.I.A this entire week. After my busy weekend in NYC, I had to jump into what I can probably say the busiest week of my life at work. Seriously, I’m so busy and… I LOVE IT. Those of you that know me would know that I love being busy. It makes me feel alive and to be honest, when I was looking for jobs, that was what was bothering me the most… the fact that I was not busy and had way too much time on my hands. I’m going to say it and never take it back that I would much rather be crazy busy than to be relaxing all the time.

Well, apart from that, I hope everyone’s enjoying this beautiful weather – because it’s rare! I’m so excited about this week’s weather that I’m not even tired after my super packed trip to NYC last weekend. So yes, I am back from a weekend full of fun in NYC and totally ready to have a busy busy week at work :)

My sister and I took the bus early Saturday morning (8:30am bus) to NYC. I know I said before that my choice of bus is Megabus but I have to admit, the prices of Megabus tickets keep going up and won’t stop :(. So we decided to give Fungwah bus a chance and by doing so, we saved at least $20 per person. Fungwah bus is just $15 straight – for all hours (maybe one or two that are a few bucks more expensive but at odd hours). The thing about Fungwah bus is that you have to print the tickets to make life easier – which we didn’t realize since we thought we could just show it on our phones. We frantically went and printed out the tickets, checked in and got on an 8am bus. Looks like Fungwah is based on a first come first serve basis and they really don’t care what time your ticket is for. So we got on half an hour early!

Fungwah bus drops you off at Lower Manhattan in Chinatown by Soho. Our destination was uptown so it was kind of annoying but we also got to visit SoHo and make our way uptown so it wasn’t too bad. I had never been to SoHo so it was a nice walk.

We then made it to Central Park by taking the Metro. For those people that do not live in the city, the Metro is definitely terrifying at first. I’m always so lost but once you figure out which station to get off and whether you are going uptown or downtown, it gets so much easier. Also, I will probably not survive if I did not have Google Maps or my iPhone. I would have been so lost and scared.

These are some images I found on Google. I really wish I had a picture for you guys but honestly, we were so busy eating them. Sorry!

We went to Milk bar by Central Park. I went to Milk bar last time I was in NY and had the most amazing birthday cake truffles that I had to go back. I wanted to get some for my boyfriend but I knew that was a silly idea and he will be back in the East Coast and NYC soon anyway so I fought the urge. And then we went to Laduree to get some macaroons! Those two are only a few blocks away so you can definitely walk. The thing to remember about Laduree is that it is CROWDED. We waited in line for about 30 minutes, which isn’t bad. On really nice days out, I’m sure the line is way longer. Anyway, my favorite one is the Salty Caramel. My sister got the Rose one and she loved it!

Once again, I wish I had a better picture.

We then had to go and meet our friends for some Khmer-style sandwiches at Num Pang – which I’ll do a separate post on soon!

After the amazing sandwich, we went to Time Square where my sister and I were overwhelmed at the commercialization and had to ‘escape’ after about 40 minutes. We went to Toys ‘R’ Us for old times sake and it really did bring out some memories we have of going to Toys ‘R’ Us every weekend when we used to live in Singapore. We saw some childhood toys and reminisced about those times and how much we miss being a little kid.

After the mayhem and the emotional roller coaster, we went to our friend Felix’s house where he cooked an amazing meal for us. We relaxed and I know I’m lame but I passed out. I was so tired from walking around all day and I was still sick!

This Homemade Risotto was just what I needed after a full day of long bus ride and a lot of walking! Thanks Chef Felix!

Well, that was day one. Sorry for the lame ending. Haha. It was fun being in a house full of Brits though :) I don’t see too many British people around Boston.


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