Friday Fantasy

Ummm… How is it Friday already? This week has been so crazy! I don’t know where all the time went. I usually blog when I come home after work but this past week, I’ve been coming home and going straight to bed. I think it’s safe to say that it definitely has been the craziest week.

I know I still have posts on NY left to do and hopefully I’ll get to them over the weekend while I relax! :) Anyway, despite the fact that I was busy, I still fantasized so without further ado, here are top five things I fantasized about during the week!

1) Pretending I am a mermaid in Mexico. I found a post called “Swimming in a Cenote” by Pete and Amanda in Mexico (Cute, lovely blog by the way. A great way to share stories and plan the wedding!) and I fell in love with the picture. The water is so blue and clean, it makes me want to jump in right away. This is Ikil Cenote in Mexico and according to the blog, “A cenote is an amazing, magical sinkhole filled with fresh water. Cenotes are created when the original limestone landscape of the Yucatan Peninsula collapsed. The blue-green water is 120 feet deep after you already stepped 90 feet below ground. It’s a beautiful site and the water was so refreshing, especially after the long, hot day.” Take me there right now. Thanks.

2) Markets! If you didn’t realize after reading through my series on the SoWa Vintage Market, let me tell you that I LOVE markets. All types of markets, especially outdoor markets. I think it’s because it’s a really big part of my childhood. My mom always took me to the markets in Cambodia (every Saturday actually, to buy fresh flowers) and every time we go back to Korea, our family goes to the organic markets to buy fresh fruits, veggies and seafood! So, going to the markets brings out memories. I saw a post on Borough Market in London and it really made me want to go to a market. And if it is in London, even better since I’ve always wanted to go to London.

3) Hanging out with camels in the Gobi Desert. Umm…. yes, please. I don’t think I need to say anymore. The heat, camels, desert, the Gobi Desert? Take me! Here’s a post “Camel Festival in the Gobi” Desert by Lauren Knapp. “Every year, for the past decade, herders from around the Gobi Desert meet for a camel festival. While the festival features several camel-themed events and competitions, the main attraction is the camel polo tournament.” Thanks for the amazing video!

4) Colors, Festivals, Having a ton of fun in India. India is definitely one of the top places I want to visit. Seeing photos of festivals in India by Violet Iris definitely made me want to go even more. Who doesn’t love running around throwing color powders, laughing and having fun? Check out the photos on the blog. It’s absolutely adorable.

5) Stroll around the quiet city of Vientiane. It’s one of those weeks. Maybe because I was so busy but I definitely missed the laid back life of Southeast Asia where it was totally acceptable to have nothing, absolutely NOTHING to do. And Laos, out of all the places, is the perfect place to do so. I was in Laos last June and even though I had a hard time adjusting to the pace at first, once I got into it, I didn’t want it to end. Just walking around the streets with a book and a camera and sitting outside at a cafe and reading for hours and hours nonstop. That’s the type of relaxation I need right now.

I’m still shocked that it’s Friday already but I’m not complaining!

Happy Friday Everyone! :)


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