Quick preview of my weekend!

I haven’t even finished sharing with you what my last weekend was like and already it’s time to tell you about the upcoming weekend! Hmm.. I don’t have too much in stored. I’ve had a busy week so this weekend is just going to be relaxing, nothing too fancy. I am meeting up with a friend for dinner/drinks, which I’m really excited about and on Saturday, I’ll probably be heading off to Sweat and Soul Yoga for a cycling class and a yoga class — Finally! Being sick was not fun at all. Since I had a fever, muscle ache, coughing, sneezing, all that craziness, I haven’t had the chance to go to yoga. I’ve decided that I feel A LOT better this weekend so I’ll get back out there. Plus, the weather this week’s supposed to be great so I’m excited!

Apart from that, I am hoping to meet up and catch up with more friends, run errands and just relax. This means you may have a boring week of posts coming up but I’ll keep you entertained ;) don’t worry! Oh! And since the weather is so nice, there is definitely some shopping coming up.. that is if the back bay area is ready by this weekend.


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