Beautiful Day in Boston: St.Patrick’s Weekend

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great wonderful weekend and a great start to their week. I had an amazingly relaxing weekend, which is exactly what I needed. I must have been really tired from the past few weeks because I completely slept through the cycling class I told you I was going to go to. Friday night I was at work until pretty late, went home and fell a sleep right away. On Saturday, I woke up pretty late in the morning, went to brunch and came back home to do laundry and clean the house. Saturday night was fun because I finally got to see some friends from school, most of them who I haven’t seen in years! I did come home at midnight to go to bed though. Every time my friends asked me what I was up to these days, I told them I was working and being lame because.. come on.. I’ve been going to bed around midnight both Friday and Saturday. I JUST graduated college.. I’m pretty lame (haha).  But I can’t help it if I’m tired!

Sunday was so much fun though. The weather was amazing so I went shopping, scored some awesome deals and met up with my sister at the Commons for a little picnic. Afterwards I did a bit more relaxing and went to bed. Yay!

Anyway, I don’t have anything exciting coming up this week but I’m looking forward to the Blog Better Boston conference this Saturday. It’ll be fun to meet bloggers in Boston! Also, I’ll learn to blog better :) Look out for my remaining posts on my trip to NYC.


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