Weekend in #NYC Pt.2: Speed walking through the city

After my lame Saturday night in NYC, I got plenty of sleep Sunday morning and was getting pretty hungry. We woke our friend Felix up and decided to go out and explore the city. This time, since we were with a New Yorker (from London) we didn’t have to waste all of our time trying to figure out where we are or were going!


The weather on Sunday was GORGEOUS! Since our bus was near Chinatown and Felix lived near Upper East Side, we decided to walk through the park and take the bus downtown :)

Everybody in the city walks really fast. I’m a fast walker myself so I don’t complain. I hate people that hold up the entire space and disrupt my pace. However, Felix has really long legs and walks even faster than I do. So my sister and I pretty much jogged/sprinted behind him while he weaved through the crowd like a pro. What an awesome exercise! Haha. My legs were really sore for a few days after.

So what did we do? We walked through Central Park, took the bus down through SoHo (which was better than taking the subway since we could see the city), I finally got to see the Statue of Liberty (after my 6th trip to the city) and had an amazing $3 dumpling meal. We also walked through the empty streets of Wall Street where everything was super overpriced

Can’t wait for the summer when I’ll be doing lots of weekend trips to NY!

Thanks Felix for being our super awesome guide! :)

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