On nom nom: #NYC Eats

There are lots of fabulous restaurants in NY. There’s no doubt about that. However, since I was only there for the weekend, it was impossible to try all the places I’ve wanted to go to. So here are a few places I went during the weekend and loved! :)


1) Num Pang: I told you I was going to do a separate post about this place because I think it deserves it. When I heard the name ‘num pang,’ I was instantly hooked. Num pang in Khmer means bread. On the streets of Cambodia, you will see sellers pushing carts selling num pang. A Khmer sandwich with cold cut ham and pickled vegetables. Yummm! I don’t know how much it was when I was younger but I remember it being pretty cheap. My sister and I used to sit on our balcony and stare out at the street waiting for a num pang cart to roll past our house (usually around 5 p.m.). We would then beg our mom to give us money so we can go buy some. My parents weren’t strict so they didn’t not let us eat street food but they also made sure we weren’t eating it too much. So sharing a num pang once in a while was a huge treat for us :)

The one in NYC is not as authentic as I was hoping it to be but I can’t complain. I don’t think selling Khmer cold cut sandwiches will make business here. Haha. I got the pulled pork sandwich for around $8. It really wasn’t bad at all and it was definitely filling. I will be going back for more soon!

There are two locations for Num Pang:

And here is a quick video about it!


2) Prosperity Dumplings: This place, a hole in the wall. Literally. It’s tiny, really difficult to find and I have no idea how our friend Felix even knew about it in the first place but it was almost like a hidden gem (coal). It wasn’t the cleanest but it’s Chinatown. No seats, tables, anything. The place is so small that maybe 4 people fit in the store and the line is out the door. Service, slow. BUT! The dumplings were amazing.With just a little over $5, all three of us were full. And I mean $5 total NOT per person. A box of 10 fried dumplings are $3, and we got a sesame bread and a can of coke. We had a decent meal!

I’ll definitely be going back when I go to Chinatown. So cheap and so good! You can’t really see but the address is 46 Eldridge St.


3) Milk Bar: I’ve already mentioned it previously so I’ll keep it short. My favorite: The Birthday Cake Truffles and the Crack Pie. My sister got a cookie there and it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t my favorite. A little on the pricey side. I think a packet of three Birthday Cake Truffles is about $4 and the Crack Pie itself is around $5. But overall, an awesome treat once in a while. I haven’t tried the food but I hear it’s not bad. Maybe one day!

There are four locations:


There are definitely a lot of places I want to try. Fellow travel bloggers were so helpful when I asked about travel tips. I especially liked the post: New York Cheap Eats: My Top Picks. I will be going down the list soon! haha


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