Quick Preview of My Weekend!

This weekend isn’t too exciting for me.. No weekend trips to NYC or going on a shopping spree (although, that may change). I am however, totally excited to go to the Blog Better Boston conference this Saturday. I am a nerd like that. I love conferences and networking events and if I can, I’ll go to it all. Haha. I’ve never been to a blogging conference before but as I start getting more serious about blogging, and as I fall more and more in love with blogging, I thought I’d give this conference a go. I’m excited to meet many bloggers in and around Boston. I saw a list of bloggers on the event RSVP page and I’m especially excited to meet the following bloggers who I’ve been following!:

The event is 9 – 5 and there’s an event afterwards. I’ll be there around 9 so if you are there, make sure to come say hi! :)

Apart from that, I’ll be meeting with friends and just enjoying the nice weather! I’ll also be doing lots of cleaning and chores around the house. I have a WAY more exciting weekend coming up next weekend since the amazing Mr. Penguin will be in town. Yay! :D


9 thoughts on “Quick Preview of My Weekend!

  1. I am excited to have discovered your blog, and so sorry that I didn’t get a chance to meet you in person today! I was stuck at our new house painting ALL day. Decidedly unglamorous and totally unfun. Hope to meet you soon and hear all about the conference- I’m sure it was killer!

    • Did you finish painting your house? Looking forward to reading about how your house turns out :)
      Would have been great to meet you but I’m sure we’ll get a chance to meet soon. Will you be at the April Meet up?

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