Friday Fantasy

Woohoo! Friday!! :D I’m so excited for the weekend even though this week has been pretty good so far! Definitely not as busy as last week and since the weather is amazing, I feel so energized and happy that I was ultra productive all week! :) Also, this weekend I’ll be meeting with a lot of Boston bloggers which I’m super excited about!

Here are five things I fantasized about this week!

1) Swimming and tanning and swimming and tanning and swimming. The cycle of swimming and tanning… sigh.. Basically what I did the entire summer back in Cambodia last year. Elsewhere is the perfect place for it but honestly, anywhere with hot blazing sun and a pool is exactly what I need. Since the weather has been so nice lately (above 25 degrees Celsius), I’ve just wanted to go lay in the sun. Can’t wait for summer! These amazing photos are from here. There are a lot more awesome photos as well so make sure to check it out!

2) Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of National Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C.  Although this weather makes it seem more like we’ve skipped spring and jumped right into summer, it’s March and the National Cherry Blossom Festival is now on from March 20 – April 27. On my way home from work, I saw two cherry blossom trees and it made me really happy :) I’ve always wanted to go to a Cherry Blossom Festival but never got the chance to even though there are a lot of amazing places in Korea to go to as well. Since I grew up in a hot climate, I love the summer but I also love the Spring and the Fall. I hope I get a chance to visit DC soon!

3) Visit Turkey. Turkey is pretty big on tourism right now and it recently came under my radar. I’ve never really thought about visiting Turkey but after seeing photos from the blog, Steph in transit – Travel Photography, it definitely became one of the places I want to visit. Check out the post, Turkey isn’t just for Thanksgiving. That’s where this photo is from :)

4) Go on a long drive. Here’s a secret I don’t really like to share with people: I don’t know how to drive. I get lots of weird stares or surprised “what?!”s when I share this fact. Yes, it’s true. I don’t have a driver’s license. It’s not common for international students to know how to drive because… well, I, personally, never felt the need to learn how to. And to be perfectly honest, I still don’t feel the need to. It’ll definitely be a while until I learn to drive. BUT more than anything, I love going on drives (like… sitting in the passengers’ seat). My parents love going on drives as well so when I was a kid, they used to always take me on road trips in and around Korea and Cambodia. When I was a baby, if I cried at night and/or didn’t go to bed, my parents told me they would go for a drive and I would pass out immediately. Haha (I still do pass out on public transportation regularly). Anyway, I have never really been on too many drives in the U.S. but seeing these photos of road trip through Boulder makes me want to goooo! Oh, and the picture below made me really happy because there is a ‘cow crossing’ sign just like they do in Cambodia!

5) Barbecue party!!! In Korea, there are so many public places where you can bring food and have a barbeque. You can find grills outside so that all you have to do is just bring coal/fire and food. Also, drinking in public is perfectly acceptable. All of this is possible as long as you don’t abuse it, basically. If I could have a family barbecue in the forest, next to the stream, like we used to, I would be the happiest right now (maybe I’m just really hungry right now… hmmm).  Kinda bummed out that you can’t really do that here and it’s hard to have an outside barbecue unless you have a house. Well… If anyone’s having a barbecue anytime soon, feel free to let me know! ;)

Ok, yea. I am hungry. Damn it.

Happy Friday!! :)


5 thoughts on “Friday Fantasy

      • I also noticed that you said something about “in Korea…” Is that where you’re stationed now? I’m here doing my fourth year of teaching!…. so when I’m done posting all my travel photography, you can expect to see many photos of Korea! :)

      • I wish I was in Korea! I’m in Boston right now. I’m Korean and I grew up in Korea and Cambodia but I’ve been in Boston for about 4 years now. I can’t wait to see your posts on Korea!! :)

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