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I go to a lot of conferences, networking events, meet ups and panels. I’ve been to at least one every week and I have more coming up. I also have organized and helped organize events before but I have to say the Blog Better Boston Conference I went to on Saturday was hands down one of the most well put together event I’ve been to in a while.

The event, which was held at the Cambridge Google Office, had over 130 bloggers attending with a lot of awesome sponsors. Some of the sponsors included Lace Affair, Gemvara, WorkBar, Laura Preshong Jewelry, Bluefly, Roster and so much more! The event went smoothly, all the speakers and the panels were so informative and fun. I still get a little nervous when I attend events alone (I do that very often) but everybody at the event were super friendly and I made some great blogger friends! There are so many awesome bloggers in the Boston area and I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to get to know them if it wasn’t for the event. Kudos to Alana and Amy who put this together! I’m looking forward to the April Meetup next week, which if you haven’t signed up for yet, there are still few spots left! :)



The picture above was when I attended the food photography workshop with @KTEIG and attempted at taking one myself after the class but failed miserably. Haha Apart from that, I also attended the photo editing workshop with @ulandayphoto, Social Media Platforms with @Kristinapp, @Laceybean, @WorldLillie and @LaurenSleeper, and a WordPress workshop with @kurteng.

Some tips I learned?

Also check out some great tips by Jasmine from Adam Alex Mommy Blog! She has some awesome tips to share!

Overall, I met some wonderful people, learned a lot, ate all day and had a really good time :) Check out some of the bloggers I met at the conference:

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the April Meetup again! And if I didn’t get a chance to meet you at the conference, would love to meet you at the April Meetup as well! Check out more posts and recaps on the conference here.


9 thoughts on “Blog Bettah Boston

    • Thanks!! :) I really love your post with tips as well. So helpful! It was really nice to meet you and hopefully we’ll get to hang out again soon. I’d also love to meet Adam and Alex! Maybe I’ll only speak Korean with them! Haha

  1. Fantastic photos!! Wish I had gotten to meet you Saturday, and it looks like I definitely should have been following you on Twitter as you highlighted some of the best points!

    • Thanks! I love the instragram photos on your post – they are so cute! :) Will you be at the April meetup? Would be awesome to meet you. I’ll follow you on Twitter! :)

  2. I just wanted to let you know how much your comments in your first paragraph meant to me. We worked so hard on the conference so it’s nice to know that all that worked paid off!! Glad you enjoyed the day!

    • I enjoyed it very much! Like I’ve said, I know how hard it is to organize an event and I could definitely tell a lot of planning and efforts went into it! :) See you tomorrow at the meetup?

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