Finding Things to Do in Boston

Finding things to do in and around Boston can be a bit tiring sometimes. You rely mostly on friends to tell you what they are up to or you have to really dig in and look for events yourself. I personally find it a little annoying having to search on various outlets to find cool things that are coming up and even more annoying when I find out about it last minute when the tickets are all sold out :( So here are my top three ways and outlets I use to plan my weekends :)

1) > Things to do > My event:

I used to just use the ‘Things to do’ tab on and had to go through each tabs to figure out what’s going on. Most of the time, it’s time consuming, confusing and outdated. recently launched a ‘My Events (Sched it)’ page, which is still under development but I think it’s such a cool idea/ easy to use. When you register an account (which you can also do via Twitter or Facebook) you can choose venues that you would like to look out for. The choices vary from Boston University’s Agganis Arena, TD Banknorth Garden to House of Blues. They are still working on adding more venues but most of the major ones are already there. You can also change what venues you are following once you login. Once you login, there will be an event stream of upcoming events at the venues you follow in a chronological order :) You can also be directed to purchase tickets and add the event to your own calendar on your profile. When you go to an event’s page, you can also see who is attending and who has ‘loved’ the event. Another cool feature is the ‘Male to Female ratio,’ which isn’t necessary but I thought it was a fun add-on. Haha! It definitely needs some more work but I think it’s an outlet to look out for!

2) The Improper Bostonian:

The website is pretty cool to navigate through but my real favorite is their print magazine. It’s way easier to find out about events that are going on. The magazine comes out every two weeks on a Wednesday and you can pick it up at a restaurant or by the T stop. I always pick mine up before heading to work. It’s a nice, easy read and really kills time while I commute to work but it also has a very extensive events list with lots of details! Pick one up next time you are at a T station! :)

3) Boston Phoenix:

Similar to Improper Bostonian but this is my go to publications for music-related events in Boston. Pages and pages of events that are coming up and it’s really useful to find music shows. Just like the Improper Bostonian, I prefer the print version more than the website just because it’s easier to see things that way but their website is pretty useful too. You can look at events by going to the ‘Listing’ tab and navigate by date, theme, places and neighborhood. Being able to categorize by date definitely helps. :) You can also purchase tickets through their site, which is convenient but it would help if there was a short blurb about each event under the title at the main page so I don’t have to keep clicking through. Otherwise, it’s got all the basics you need!

Hope this helps you plan your upcoming weekend!

Do you have any other ways to keep track of all the awesome events around Boston?
Do share! :)


3 thoughts on “Finding Things to Do in Boston

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