Quick Preview of My Weekend

YAAAAAY! I have the most exciting weekend coming up. Not because I’m going away or doing anything cool but because my awesome Mr. Penguin is in town! He’s arriving tonight and I am super super super super super excited :) Teehee <3

Since he’s spending his first spring break in years visiting me in Boston instead of going somewhere awesome, I’m hoping to make this weekend a bit more eventful than my normal weekends in Boston. Haha. On Friday we are off to see DJ Shadow at House of Blues.

Saturday we have a brunch reservation at Scollay Square for $4 Bloody Marys! and at night we are off to see the Donkey Show. I’ve seen the Donkey Show once and I loved it – because I was in the Midsummer Night’s Dream play in middle school. Not to give off the plot too much (you should have read it in English Class… it’s Shakespeare) but Oberon, the fairy king, is played by an actress in the Donkey Show and I played Oberon! So, I felt a lot better witnessing the fact that I wasn’t the only female that played Oberon (I’m sure there are plenty more). Also, our theme was ‘Rock & Roll’ and since I was the ‘king,’ I played Oberon dressed as Elvis Presley (haha) and The Donkey Show has a similar theme!

Photo from: http://www.americanrepertorytheater.org/media-room/press-kits/donkey-show

Anyway, I haven’t been there in a while and I’m really excited to go! Otherwise we don’t have anything too crazy planned. On Sunday, I may see Mr. Penguin DJ for the first time, ever. So that’s pretty exciting :)

What are you up to this weekend? Any plans? If not, feel free to check out these three websites to plan an awesome weekend!


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