Friday Fantasy

Happy Friday! I’m full of smiles and excitement this weekend since my boyfriend is in town and I haven’t seen him in over a month. So, honestly, I didn’t have time to fantasize about traveling too much because I was busy being excited for his visit and planning the weekend. I was hoping the weather would be nice out but my weather app tells me it’s snowing on Saturday (?) REALLY? But it was like summer last weekend. Sigh… This is New England weather. Anyway, doesn’t mean that I didn’t fantasize at all.. I did, just not as much as I normally do. Haha

1) Spa-ing in Indonesia. TripAdvisor must have totally read my mind. As you may know, I am totally, TOTALLY, obsessed with spas (I mean, who isn’t?). Anyway, got an email from TripAdvisor the other day with the Traveler’s Choice 2012 winners of Top 25 Relaxation/Spa Hotel in the World. The number one was BollAnt’s im Park in Germany but I noticed that the majority of the winners were from Italy.  However, knowing me, I would much prefer a place with a tropical feel. So out of the list, the one that stood out to me the most was Desa Seni, A Village resort in Vanggu in Bali, Indonesia. They have yoga, meditation, organic food, all that stuff that I need… RIGHT NOW (not to mention sunlight and hot climate). Definitely know what’s on my list next time I’m in Southeast Asia! Check out more images at:

2) Going Coastal in Amsterdam. Now, clearly I have never been to Amsterdam. I haven’t even been to Europe despite the fact that all my friends are there and I see it through my Skype pretty often (well.. mostly my friend’s apartment in Brighton, England). Anyway, I stumbled upon the blog post “Going Coastal” on A Man I Am in Amsterdam and I had to share it with you. The pictures say it all. Check out his blog.

3) I want to eat until I pass out… in Spain. Spanish Food. Tapas. Wine. Sangria. What. More. Do. I. Have. To Say. I have never tried Paella but.. umm I want a healthy serving please. I do really love Spanish food. And as you have read in my other Friday Fantasy posts, I really want to go to Spain and this week I just really want to eat Spanish food. This is me whining, btw. The Salty Goat has a Paella recipe… there is no way I can make that. So I shall just stare at the photo below. :(

4) Gum Wall in Seattle. Ok.. curiosity wins hygiene. The idea of gum wall – DISGUSTING. Blegh. Eww. But I do want to see it. I’m curious. Check out the post: Why Is There So Much Gum on The Wall? on

5) Revisiting Thailand. I admit, I really don’t give Thailand much credit. There are many reasons but the number one reason is, I’ve just never had a good experience in Thailand. When I was younger, we used to go all the time. Every time there was a school holiday, we went to Thailand. It was close, it was a bit of civilization we needed and it was a nice getaway. However, our trip in Thailand always included cab drivers scamming us and my dad stepping on dog poo at least once a day. After a few more trips, we just gave up. Our cab driver who told us he knew where he was going kept going around in circles, eventually making us get off and pay in the middle of nowhere. And being the tomboy that I was, I much preferred going hiking than going to the mall in Bangkok (I have NO problem going to the mall now :P). Anyway, I have this negative image of Thailand in my head that pretty much made me not want to go back until I saw photos on The post “Thai Times” definitely makes me want to go back and brings out the little good memories I have. Make sure to check out the photos on her blog!

Speaking of Thailand, even though I haven’t been back, my sister went last summer so feel free to read her posts here.

Hope you have an amazing weekend coming up!

Happy Friday! :)


8 thoughts on “Friday Fantasy

  1. Happy Friday! I saw the forecast as well and honetly, it will probably be a bit of rain and that’s it (but we’ll see – our weather is so unpredictable).

    I’m happy you get to see your boyfriend after such a break in time. I’ve been there and it’s not always easy :)

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