Weekend with the Mister Pt.1: BU Pub & DJ Shadow

Happy Monday! Last weekend was definitely a lot more eventful and fun than any other weekends I’ve had past few weeks. We were always out and about doing something but I also feel like I got a good balance of rest and fun. I don’t feel exhausted at all :) Over the week I’ll be updating you on what I did over the weekend so look out for more posts to come!

On Friday after work, we headed over to the BU Pub. I’ve only been to the BU Pub a few times but since Mr. Penguin used to work there, we decided to head over for some amazing sandwiches. BU Pub is exclusive to BU students, faculty, alumni and staff but if you know someone in BU, you can also go as a guest. It’s a little dungeon with great selections of food and drinks. It’s really laid back and I love it that undergrad students can mingle with professors and grad students too.


After the quick meal, we went to meet up with Mr. Penguin’s friends and headed over to DJ Shadow at House of Blues. I love music but visuals REALLY grab my attention and my eyes were glued to the stage the whole time. DJ Shadow had AWESOME stage manners (he didn’t just come on stage, played some tunes and left but actually communicated with the crowd), and you could tell they put in a lot of thoughts and efforts into the visual effects making the whole thing a greater experience than just pleasing the ears. Mr. Penguin does a better job at recapping the event so check out his post here.

*Photos from: backbeatseattle.com

I knew of DJ Shadow but didn’t know too much to expect anything but I can definitely say that his shows are worth checking out. Check out one of his tunes (I chose this one because Little Dragon is featured, hehe) :


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