Weekend with the Mister Pt.2: Brunch, Mexican Food, The Donkey Show & Lots of Dancing!

I made reservations to Scollay Square for brunch on Saturday. I didn’t know much about the place but when BostonTweet mentioned $4 Bloody Mary & Mimosa Bar, I decided to check it out. Mr. Penguin makes amazing Bloody Marys so I thought it would be a perfect brunch spot :)


The weather was gloomy outside and the lighting in the restaurant wasn’t too bright so it kind of made me feel like I was having a lazy morning but otherwise, I had a lot of fun putting together my own Bloody Mary (with the help of Mr. Penguin since I have only recently started drinking them) and the food was pretty good as well. I got the Rice Krispy coated french toast, which was good but I think I’d try something else on the menu next time I go. It was a little bit too sweet for me – Canadian bacon really helped balancing it out though. :) I will definitely return to Scollay Square for more Bloody Marys and to try different items on the menu!

After the brunch, we walked through the Common and walked around Newbury St. and the Pru but with the weather being gloomy (and I being exhausted from the long week), we decided to head back home where I passed out for a good 40 minutes (It was a good nap).

For dinner, we decided to grab some Mexican food at Villa Mexico and I’m not going to lie, it was one of the best burritos I’ve had.. ever. You don’t get good Mexican food in Asia so I’ve only had it in the U.S. but every time I get a burrito, I’m annoyed at how different ingredients are bunched up in different places. But the burrito we had at Villa Mexico was nicely wrapped.  I’m craving it now and I can’t wait to go back and get some more!

The highlight of the night was, however, the Donkey Show!!! I mentioned that I’ve been here before a couple of years ago. I loved it then and I’ve always wanted to go back. I finally went back on Saturday and… I loved it even more. It was better than how I remembered it and I had so much fun dancing, singing along and just watching the show. It’s such a well put-together, creative performance. It totally put me in a dancing mood all night. :) If you are ever in the Cambridge area and love a good show, check out the Donkey Show at Club Oberon!


We topped the night off at OM – which was a nice little touch since  our one-year anniversary is coming up and we first went to OM together a year ago. Oh, memories!


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