Quick Preview of My Weekend!

Happy almost Friday :) This week has been pretty uneventful. I went to Boston Bloggers meetup last night and met some new people and it was so good to see familiar faces like Kheidee and Alison!

I’m just looking forward to Friday so I can see Mr. Penguin again. hehe Nothing too special coming up except for……. Titanic! :D I don’t even care that it’s in 3D. I just can’t wait to watch it in theaters because I never got to watch it on a big screen (we were in Cambodia). My sister and I watched Titanic every year when I was in Cambodia but it’s been a while since I’ve watched it and I’m really excited.

Apart from that, it’s just a weekend full of relaxing and having fun with friends. Hopefully the weather is nice so that we can do lots of walking around.

Look out for my Friday Fantasy post tomorrow because it’s FRIDAY!! Woohoo!


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One thought on “Quick Preview of My Weekend!

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