Friday Fantasy

And….. it’s Friday! :) This week hasn’t been too eventful and it’s been somewhat of a slow week. I’m so excited that it’s Friday! I wish the weather would get better though so I can go outside and be all outdoorsy (if you haven’t realized, everything I fantasize about pretty much is all in hot climate).

1) Snorkeling in Koh Rong. Koh Rong was never on my radar when I lived in Cambodia. It was still a ‘deserted’ island and there weren’t many places to stay. Also, with the limited traffic and the fact that it’s an island made it seem a little dangerous. My sister went with my parents few months ago and she wants to go back (my parents don’t really want to though – haha – apparently suffered from sand flea bites – been there, done that).  Check out this amazing slideshow on New York Times.

2) Go back and visit Singapore. I lived in Singapore when I was younger (from 1999 – 2001). Back then, I was not a huge fan of the place. I was too young to enjoy anything there. I went to a local school so school was hard. I had to take late night Chinese classes and most importantly, my dad was not with us since he had to stay back in Phnom Penh to work. So naturally, my childhood memories of Singapore was not all that great. However, recently, Mr. Penguin was going to Singapore for his MBA program and as I was putting together a list of recommended places, I couldn’t help but realize that as much as I have those negative memories of Singapore, I have many wonderful memories too! Sometimes we tend to let ourselves forget the great memories and only pay attention to the bad ones. I’m glad I got a chance to look back and appreciate yet another moment that has helped shape me into who I am today. :) Seeing these photos from ifatma makes me REALLY want to go back one day. Singapore is so diverse yet maintains a strong culture – there are distinct cultures yet a weird blend of those different aspects that play along to create an entirely separate culture itself. It’s hard to describe it in words. Check out more photos from ifatma’s post!

3) Go to Mauna Loa! Ever since 8th grade geography class, I’ve been in love with volcanoes and out of all the ones that I learnt about and saw pictures of, Muna Loa was my favorite. Not to mention, it’s in Hawaii. I’ve been fascinated by it and have always wanted to go. I did go to Hawaii a few years back and was excited until I found out I was going to the wrong island. So I’ll be back one day… one day! Although.. I’m pretty sure it’s a lot better in photos than actually in person – I bet it smells really bad near a volcano too. Photo below is from MIS Blue Team Science.

4) Road trippin’ in Australia. I love road trips (even though I can’t drive) and I hear Australia is the perfect place to go on one. Alongtheway is in Australia right now about to go on one. Check her blog out to follow her trip & wish her good luck! :) Meanwhile, check out all her other blog posts – she’s already written a few on Australia but also has awesome posts on Cambodia, China, Vietnam & more! :) The photo below is from

5) Hiking in the shadow of Batian. I love hiking but haven’t really had the opportunity to go on many. In Korea we go hiking the trails but I’ve never been to a rocky mountain like Mt. Kenya before. The photos are absolutely amazing and it makes me really want to go out there and be adventurous. Thanks for the info and the photos! :) Make sure to check out the blog for more photos and detailed information.

Any of these things on your bucket list?

Happy Friday Everyone :)


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