Weekend Recap: Titanic 3D, Yoga & More Dancing!

Last weekend wasn’t too eventful. I just wanted to relax and spend as much time as I could with Mr. Penguin before he jetted off again on Sunday evening. Good-byes are always hard but I’ll be seeing him again in a couple of weeks so I’m not complaining!

On Friday we went to watch Titanic in 3D and I don’t care what you say, Titanic is amazing even if I’ve seen it more than 10 times in the past few years (I watched it on HBO last year as well). Despite the fact that I’ve seen it many many times, I still cried like a fool when the movie ended. I tried really hard not to cry throughout the movie but as soon as the credits started rolling, so did my tears. Haha. I have never watched it on a big screen and watching it in 3D was awesome! I guess the main reason I like watching Titanic is that it makes me think about the different ways people deal with life and death. What would I have done in a situation like that? Would I have been a coward and gotten myself on the rescue boat putting myself before others? or would I have enough faith in me to just accept the situation and let things go without fighting for my survival?

Anyway, the takeaway from the movie and the experience really changes with age. Me watching the movie as a 7 year old and me watching it now, is completely different. So if you have not seen it in a while, it might be worth checking out :) It’s definitely not all about love and whatnot.. at least that’s not what I watch it for.

Other than Titanic, last weekend was full of yummy foods, yoga and lots of dancing :) I also bought a new Coelho book to put me back into summer mood (he’s always been my go-to author for summer vacations).

Hope your week has been amazing so far! I have a busy week ahead and lots to look forward to. :)


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