Friday Fantasy

Happy Friday! I have no idea how this week went by. I guess I was exhausted from the last couple of weekends after-all. I feel like I just slogged through day by day waiting for it to be the weekend so I could sleep. Waking up hasn’t been so fun and the weather definitely didn’t help. I really need this weekend to stay indoors, go to yoga, rest and do… nothing.

Since the summer is approaching and all my friends are planning their summer trips (including my sister who is off to Cambodia in less than a month!), I’ve been fantasizing a lot. When I was in school, I always thought sacrifice now and get rewarded later – so I barely took time off during breaks and I interned/worked/volunteered/took classes EVERY summer or holiday. Oh, how much I regret. So, if you are planning to go on a vacation, make the most of it and I hope my Friday Fantasy posts are somewhat helpful in finding out about new places!

1) Eat street food in Korea. Maybe it’s in my blood but Korean food is really good. Of course I love all types of food and REALLY love Mediterranean and East European  food but I have to eat Korean food at least once a week to function. Yea, it’s my blood. I miss all the different types of food in Korea but what I really miss is the street foods – like street junk food that is actually healthier than what I could get at the school cafeteria here. Check out these posts for some amazing photos and info on Korean street food: An Introduction to Korean Street Food; Korean Food: Street Foods; Korea – Korean Street Food in Korea.

This melted sugar w/ baking powder is my favorite - my sister and I used to burn so many ladles trying to make this at home. haha Oh, memories. Photo is from:

2) Read my book in Vientiane. I mentioned before that I picked up Coelho’s book. Having gone through two Coelho books last summer in Vientiane, I can’t help but wish that I was sitting at a cafe out on the streets reading for hours and hours while soaking up the sun rather than sitting in a crowded T that smells like garbage (a lot of people on the T smell really bad). I’m still getting through the book fine but I just wish I was in a quiet, relaxed country like Laos while I was doing so. Check out my post on Laos from last summer here to understand what I mean…sigh. Also, I stumbled across a post on Vientiane on LeucaDia and it makes me want to go back even more. Check out her blog for more awesome pics!

A Coelho book I read last time I was in Laos. Now, I'm reading The Valkyries

3) Spend more than a weekend in NYC. My sister and I had a movie night on Monday and we watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s… just because I love Audrey Hepburn. NYC back then is probably a little different from how it is now but it definitely made me think about being in the city/living in the city. I am kind of intimidated by big cities since I grew up in Cambodia.. and Boston’s been a good place to transition into a more ‘vibrant’ environment but having been to NY a few times now, I can’t help but think about what it would be like to be there for a long term. And of course, it always takes amazing photography to convince me to want to go somewhere so Emily from Tomorrow Never Knows totally did with her blog post TRAVEL | NYC.

Photo from Tomorrow Never Knows. Check out the blog for more awesome photos!

4) Swimming in an outdoor pool after pool after pool… I just want to go to an outdoor swimming pool. Need I say more? the.ego.tripper put up a blog post on some amazing infinity pools and I can’t stop staring at them. That’s the thing I miss the most about Southeast Asia – having unlimited access to amazing pools. Out of all the photos she posted, my favorite was the one of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. I love it when you can just roll off your poolside bed into the water right away. Haha. I also love laying on the bed and dangling one arm off into the water.

5) Finding a hidden gem: Seychelles. One of the most amazing things about having a travel-related job and a blog and just being interested in the travel world is that you start finding out about things/places that you have NEVER thought about before. Finding out about a new place is like finding a hidden gem. Like today, we talked about Latvia and although I’ve seen it on the map, it just never registered in my head and my mind started wandering thinking about what it would be like to visit Latvia. I still need to work on finding out more about Latvia. But , on the other hand, I recently stumbled across an I wish post by a fellow blogger, , on Seychelles (Thank you so much for bringing my attention to a place I have NEVER thought about)! I love the travel blogger community since they teach you about so many new places. Seychelles sounds amazing and the video below will tell you all about it. Also read the blog post where I got this video from because there are some awesome photos that accompany the video. The video is by Mauro Panei Doria and you can check more of his videos out on his Vimeo.

Any of these things on your bucket list?

Happy Friday Everyone :)


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