Video: #MakeItCount

No words are necessary. Check out this video from Casey Neistat as part of Nike’s new brand campaign. He makes it count by traveling the world in 10 days. This video is put together by Max Joseph. Although I’m a little skeptical as to if it’s real, according to what Casey says and is reported on Mashable, “The sporting giant hired the film director and editor Max Joseph to create a commercial for the Nike FuelBand featuring the slogan ‘Make It Count.’ But at the last minute, the duo strayed from the agreed-upon spot, and set off on a journey around the world using Nike’s money and advice to ‘Make It Count.’

If it is true and Nike really had no idea this was happening, five thumbs up for Casey and Max for using their gut instincts as “Nike, needless to say, has been pleasantly surprised with the film’s viral reach.” I’m sure Casey is in a position to make these decisions + Nike had enough trust in him to bring them a strong end result either way.

If it is not true and this was all plotted from the beginning, well then, ten thumbs up for both Nike and Casey for making it look badass and seem like it was all an ‘accidental’ viral video. Either way, it makes you want to travel and it’s a good marketing stint.

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