Friday Fantasy

Happy Friday! I am in Madison, Wisconsin at the moment and I have to say, it is NOT summer here. It’s actually pretty chilly. The past couple of days in Boston has been around 25-30 degrees Celsius (80 – 85 Fahrenheit) and I’ve definitely been weather-spoilt. My mind and body are already super excited and totally ready to be in summer mode but being here is making me wake up to reality a little more and remember the fact that 30 degrees Celsius in April is not normal (at least from what I’ve experienced in the past few years). Anyway, if I haven’t told you already, I am obsessed with resorts and hotels – their interior, service, etc. and one of my ultimate dreams have been to one day own a gorgeous, eco-resort that’s based entirely on a CR/Social Enterprise model. It’s a far-stretch and just a dream for now but this week, I’d like to fantasize purely on gorgeous hotels and resorts around the world.

1. Pousada Maravilha: Fernando de Noronha, Brasil: I stumbled across pictures of this resort in Brazil on Andi’s blog and I just fell in love. Check out her post for more pictures. It really is the type of place I would love to be at right now and one day own. Haha. Also, if you haven’t checked out Andi’s blog yet, you are missing out. I’ve linked to her blog before as well and I absolutely love spending time on it.  Make sure to subscribe and keep up with her travels – she’s pretty inspiring and awesome! :)

2. Tabacon Grand Spa, Alajuela, Costa Rica. Nothing better than a resort that relaxes you and lets you immerse yourself with nature. I absolutely love waterfalls and streams, not to mention being surrounded by trees. As much as I love the beach, I would actually choose to be around a river or stream near the forest if I had the choice.

3. The Fortress Resort and Spa, Galle, Sri Lanka. I’ve never been to Sri Lanka although I’ve always wanted to. It’s not the most famous tourist place in the region (not that I know of) but travelers who have been there absolutely love it. This resort seems very modern and chic yet relaxing and also with a good blend of nature. The photo of the pool below is absolutely amazing. An infinity pool that looks out into the ocean – oh, I dream.

4. Wakaya Club & Spa, Suva, Fiji. Who wouldn’t want to go to Fiji? Everything about Fiji sounds pretty perfect to me. And this picture absolutely does it for me. That’s it. I’m going to Fiji.

5. Blue Diamond Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I’m not going to lie. I’ve always thought Mexico was a bit overrated. Pretty much everyone in the U.S. went there for spring break/vacation and I can’t help but think that it’s a place entirely built on tourism. Expensive resorts, food, drinks, to accommodate travelers. However, I also know that I’m wrong and that I secretly wish I was in Mexico. It actually is one of the top countries on my list of places to visit next.


Yes, I do realize that most and all of these resort photos are of water and the pool – can’t help it. I love the pool and if I built my own resort, I would focus on the pool and the nature – that being said, I don’t think it would be in a cold country. I am a tropical girl. :)

Which of these do you like the best? Have you been to any of these resort?
Are there any resorts that you’ve wanted to stay at? Share!

Happy Friday Everyone! :)


4 thoughts on “Friday Fantasy

  1. Wow thank you so, so so much for the amazing shout out, truly I’m touched! My husband and I also hope to one day own a pousada in Brasil. Love the other hotels you mentioned in this post, gorgeous!!!

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