Indulge: Remembering love, life & everything in the past

I’ve been feeling super nostalgic lately due to several reasons but mostly because I’ve been stressed and thinking about what the future has in stored for me makes me miss the past. I’ve been missing little things from playing sports back in high school to going on road trips in Korea with my parents to even just taking dance classes every summer in Seoul. Also, having a messenger app, Kakao Talk (mostly for Koreans), where my mom has set up a ‘chat’ room with practically everyone with a phone on my mom’s side of the family made me realize how much I miss everyone and miss being back home. :( I just miss not being the only one in the family here – and having to solve every problem and complications on my own – and now that my sister’s here with me, I can’t help but feel like I am the head of the family and feel like I need to have all my things together to take care of both of us. Also, I hate asking people for favors so trying to do everything on my own in a foreign country is not easy. I really think there is nothing worse for me to do than to have to ask people for favors. :S

I recently took out my old laptop from high school and found some embarrassing pictures. Since I was being nostalgic, I thought I’d share.

The Amazing Class of 2008: Miss them all. Every single one of them.

I miss just hanging out in the art room - used to be my go-to place for when I was stressed. Photo is from my senior year exhibition.

During our graduation trip to Sihanoukville & us stupidly thinking that we could make it to the island in an hour or so - took us 4 hours to go there and get back - sore arms!

Our soccer team getting ready for the MRISA tournament

Volunteering on Earth Day reminded me of the time we went to clean up the stadium in Kep for local children to play in.

Being super Asian in Korea -- only in Korea.

Visiting relatives in the rural parts of Korea - collecting our own veggies for Korean BBQ.

I <3 My Coaches & I <3 My Team: Our Basketball Team


Even though my blog is called “Indulge: Capturing love, life & everything in between,” focusing on the present and appreciating day by day, I’m going to go ahead and reminisce and take this time to tell everyone how much I miss them and how much they have helped me become who I am today.

Wherever you guys are reading this, please say hi!


10 thoughts on “Indulge: Remembering love, life & everything in the past

  1. This is such a sweet post full of memories – it’s so important to recognize those people that have helped us become what we are today. You do that perfectly :)

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