Friday Fantasy

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s nice and gloomy in Boston but it’s Friday, I am happy.This week, my heads been all over the place and I mostly thought about wanting to go back home and just being away – so lots of fantasizing!

1) The Sahara Desert. I’ve been reading The Valkyries by Paulo Coelho and it’s based entirely on a desert in California. As I picture it in my head, it’s quiet, but not peaceful quiet – and almost too lonely that it’s a little eerie. I have never been in a desert and it makes me picture a beautiful yet scary place. One of the bloggers I follow, Elena, just spent her birthday at the Sahara Desert and did an awesome post on it. Check out her post for more pictures and videos. Happy belated birthday Elena! :)

2) Trip to Galle, Sri Lanka. I mentioned Sri Lanka last week and it hasn’t left my mind. Aaron from Swerve of Shore recently posted some photos from his trip to Sri Lanka and they are absolutely gorgeous. Check his blog out for more amazing photos.

3) Lotte World in Korea. I just want to be a kid for one day, have fun and walk around Lotte World. So many childhood memories there. I love how it’s a theme park in the middle of the busy city.. it’s like a little hideout where you can escape from the business of the city even though it’s located at the heart of it. It’s so hard to get to a theme park here and Six Flags wasn’t as much fun as Lotte World.

4) Hiking to watch the sunrise. Did I tell you how much I love hiking (Yea, gazillion times). I love hiking any time of the day but the best hiking? It’s during dawn, when it’s still slightly dark out. I love hiking right before the sunrise and getting to the top to see the sunrise. It’ s amazing to witness the world getting brighter. My favorite places to do this are Juju Island and Hawaii. When I went to Honolulu a couple of years ago, I went hiking on 1/1/2010, right before the New Year Sun came out. :)

5) Sunset boat ride in Cambodia. Being totally, completely honest, what I REALLY want to do is just go to Cambodia, go to the riverside, get on a boat, cruise around the Mekong river, watch the sunset, drink beer and have a barbeque. Gather a group of friends, rent a boat, bring a grill, food, beer, and you are all set. Photo below is by ekaypark.

Happy Friday and happy 10th Friday Fantasy post. Thanks so much for reading :)


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