Boston Event: May 12th is World Fair Trade Day

There are a lot of days in the year; Earth Day, World Malaria Day, World Water Day, so forth. The only ones that I really celebrate are International Volunteer Day, Earth Day, some random days I find out about during the year and World Fair Trade Day. I first got involved in Fair Trade as I was interning and learning more about Corporate Social Responsibility. I’ve carried on being aware of the impact Fair Trade has on the economy and the environment and have carried on to do some work with it. I don’t particularly buy all things, everything fair trade but when I have the chance, I only drink Fair Trade coffee/tea, buy Fair Trade chocolate, and buy gifts from Fair Trade stores such as Ten Thousand Villages.

One of the main reasons I decided to choose Fair Trade is because a lot of the products remind me of things we get back home. If you go to Ten Thousand Villages, they have products from all over the world including Vietnam and Cambodia. Also, Fair Trade is all about sustainability, which I’ve talked about before. Everything should be about sustainability and the Fair Trade movement is all about sustainable solutions for the economy and the environment. Through the work I did with Ben & Jerry’s I was introduced to Fair Trade Boston and have been fortunate enough to be a volunteer. The purpose of this post is to let you know of this awesome event that is coming up to celebrate World Fair Trade Day on May 12th in Boston!

As the biggest Fair Trade city in the East Coast, Boston  is celebrating with a fun event. Fair Trade Boston has partnered with SCVNGR, a Boston-based tech firm and 6 Fair Trade organizations to put together a Scavenger Hunt!

Who? Fair Trade Scavenger Hunt is hosted by Fair Trade Boston in collaboration with SCVNGR, sponsors and supporters include Ben & Jerry’s Boston, Equal Exchange, Ten Thousand Villages, Haley House, City Feed & Supply, and Autonomy Project.

What? A scavenger hunt using the SCVNGR app. Participants sign up via the Eventbrite page to receive instructions and download the SCVNGR app on their phones where the event will go live on the day of. There are 10 locations where participants visit to answer questions, take photos and receive prizes. Once completed, individuals who with the highest number of points will receive grand prizes from the sponsors.

Where? The event is held throughout Boston, Cambridge and Brookline (the Greater Boston area) and held in individual sponsors’ shops. Immediately following the end of the Scavenger Hunt, there will be an after party at the Equal Exchange Cafe (226 Causeway Street, Boston).

When? World Fair Trade day, May 12th, 2012. 12 p.m. – 3 p.m. (Scavenger Hunt) & 3 p.m. (After party)

Why? It’s an amazing way to learn about Fair Trade and some of the products that are sold in Boston. The event introduces participants to some of the stores in the Boston area that allows them to learn about the impact that Fair Trade has on farmers and their families in developing countries. It’s also a fun event to explore the city, have fun with friends, mingle and win amazing prizes.

It’ll be a fun event and a great way to explore Boston on a Saturday! Also, it’s just in time for Mother’s Day (May 13th) so why not find out about these awesome Fair Trade stores in Boston and get your mother  (or win her) a gorgeous gift? :)

Event page:

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions and I hope to see you all there!

Also, if you are not in Boston but want to get involved, you can find a list of events in other cities here.


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