Quick Preview of My Weekend

So ready for the weekend. This week started out pretty rough but I’ve just been so grateful and motivated for the rest of the week. Lots of hopes and positive vibes around me at the moment and I hope it’s here to stay. Although it’s been raining and gloomy outside, it has failed to take my energy away from me :) I’m hoping it gets sunny and hot (I really mean HOT not warm) very soon.

Rainy, Gloomy Weather in Boston

I’m playing it by ear this weekend. There are a few things going on but I’m going to let my mood decide. I’m usually a planner (hence why I have this post every Thursday – to plan my weekend and also to let you guys know about things that are going on in my life/events in and around Boston you can go to as well) but I’m going to let that go this weekend and just go with the flow.

There’s a Food Truck Festival in Dewey Square on Saturday – all day from what I know. BUT! Just like me, the event is playing it by ear too. haha. There’s a rain date for May 12th (next week) and my weather app tells me it may rain – so we shall see! Saturday is also Cinco de Mayo so I am hoping to just catch up with some old friends and have fun.

I’ve been going back to church so that’s my Sunday morning and I’m hoping to stop by at the SoWa Open Market and the Vintage Market afterwards. It’s their first week as an open market this year! I’ve only been to it over the winter and I’m really excited for it to be outdoors. If you haven’t yet, check out my posts on my visit to SoWa Vintage Market – it probably is one of my most favorite spots in Boston :)

What do you have going on this weekend? Anything fun planned?

And as always, if you are looking for something to do, feel free to check out my
Finding Things to Do in Boston
post for cool websites you can use!


2 thoughts on “Quick Preview of My Weekend

  1. Yup, this has most definitely been a dreary few weeks here. Good for the lawn, not for the spirits. I would go with Greece of all these spots, been on my visit list for too long!

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