Friday Fantasy

It’s all about infinity pools this weekend. It’s been rainy all week but I know summer is coming very soon – I can feel it! I am getting ready for the summer by being active. I’m going to yoga and I just signed up for some Hip Hop Boxing, which I’m thrilled about. I tried kickboxing last summer and loved it so this, hopefully, is just as fun or even better! :)

1. Cavo Tagoo in Mykonos, Greece. Not only is it located in Greece and has one of the most romantic pools, it also has a lot of gorgeous rooms. The picture below is of the pool at night but if you go to their website, you will see many photos of the pool during the day too and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I think the words to describe this place would be ‘elegant’ and ‘clean.’ The interior seems simple, clean, modern and very romantic. Check out the reviews here.

2. Kandalama Hotel near Dambulla, Sri Lanka. The photo kinda gives it like an eerie feeling but it’s absolutely gorgeous. look at the light as the sun sets. It’s nothing but water and trees and you are surrounded by mountains – I’m in awe. Check out the reviews here.

3. Alia Ubud in Bali, Indonesia. Who wouldn’t want to go to Bali? You are just surrounded by green. I love this! Check out the reviews here.

4. SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain. This place has the best of two worlds – Spa & an infinity pool. Not to mention, it’s in Spain. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous and relaxing, it’s also very healthy with teams of nutritionists, you will be well taken care of. Check out the reviews here.

5) Leela Kovalam Beach Hotel in India. The white… the white is beautiful. All their other pools are absolutely amazing as well. Check out the reviews here.

What is better than waking up to eat breakfast and swim in one of these pools in the morning, tanning and relaxing during the day and ending the night with a glass of cocktail by the pool? I think I could live next to the pool.

Happy Friday! :)


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