A Real Traveler

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving. – LaoZi

I originally had another poster that I was going to post but that had a typo on it. I found a better one so, yay! Just a little bit of Monday travel inspiration for you. I recently caught up with a friend/classmate/neighbor from college and she’s going on a travel around the world very soon with another friend from college! She told me that they have a one way ticket and a few plans but that’s it. Their plans are constantly changing and they are going to go with the flow. I personally think that’s the perfect and the only way to really travel – I’m sure many world wanderers out there will agree :) I know that it would be stressful for me at first since I’m such a planner but I could definitely get the hang of it.

I think this quote definitely goes for life as well – not just travel. It’s basically the travel version of “Life is a journey, not a destination…” – Ralph Waldo Emerson I’m still learning to adopt that mentality into my life but I’ve definitely learned to appreciate this quote more and more each day. I’m just focusing on and appreciating the moments rather than being impatient and wanting results after results.

If you are looking for some world traveling inspiration, check out some of these blogs that I love to follow:

Adventurous Kate
Along the Way
The Siracusas
The Runaway Guide

And who am I kidding? There are way too many out there so here’s a full list of top travel bloggers for you: http://www.travmonkey.com/top-travel-sites/travel-sites/ Go crazy! ;)

Also, my friend who I met last week (who is about to go explore the world) will be blogging their journey. Of course the journey hasn’t begun quite yet so there are no posts but keep this blog in your reader! Follow their journey and encourage them as they trot around the globe :)

Here’s another photo of the quote. I would totally love this luggage tag when I’m traveling! 


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