Quick Preview of My Weekend

Hi!! :D I haven’t done a personal post (well, updates on my current life) recently and it almost feels like I haven’t talk to you all week. But I’m here now! Monday started off so amazing but I didn’t get to enjoy any of it. And then starting Tuesday, it got all gloomy again.. but that’s ok :)

I have a few things I’m excited about this weekend. A friend is in town and I’m looking forward to partying with him. On top of that, I have a busy Saturday coming up.

Have you seen my post on an event I’m helping promote? There’s a Scavenger Hunt this Saturday (12-3pm) using the SCVNGR phone app. It’s going to be a lot of fun – a great way to explore Boston and find out more about some of the great stores that support the fair trade movement. You can still register so come out, play games, complete challenges and win lots of prizes. There’s also an after party at 3pm with lots of goodies and participants who collected most points throughout the day will get grand prizes! I’ll be live tweeting the event and I’ll be at the after party so please come! You can register here: http://fairtradescavengerhunt.eventbrite.com/

I also was invited/received two free tickets to a MAD About Living United – Emerging Leaders’ 5th Annual Gala. Emerging Leaders volunteers support United Way’s Youth Venture initiative, a social entrepreneurship program that inspires and invests in helping youth, between the ages of 12-20, to launch small business ideas to create lasting positive change in their communities – which is so cool! Also, the event is all 60’s Mad Men themed.. so lots of vintage clothing, martinis and food. Thanks Yelp Boston for the tickets! :)

So there’s my full day of busy-ness on Saturday! I’m hoping to just relax on Sunday. Also, my sister’s leaving Sunday morning to Cambodia :'(. I was so used to having someone to rely on while I was going through my emotional roller coaster so it may be a tough few weeks but it’s ok. It’s ok. :)

What are your plans for this weekend? Don’t forget to sign up for the Fair Trade Scavenger Hunt!

I wanna see all of you there!


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