Friday Fantasy

I’m a very visual person – who isn’t? Especially if I’m staring at the computer and reading all day, I appreciate some really good visual graphics, photos and especially videos. Also, when I’m fantasizing about travel destinations, pictures make it so much easier for me than reading a poetic description of a place. My favorite videos to look at are time lapse videos. So here are top five time lapse videos of cities that I want to visit. I’m sure after watching these videos, you’d want to book a ticket and get out too!

1) Phnomtime Penhlapse: Phnom Penh City Timelapse by David Simon. This time lapse video of Cambodia (which I’ve posted before) just makes Phnom Penh look amazingly beautiful. Not to say that it isn’t actually a great place but I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s a beautiful city. However, the angle, lighting, and the perfect amount of exposure make this city seem almost foreign to me. It has also changed a lot since I used to live there (although it’s only been about 4 years…4 years?!) and seeing it from a different view makes it seem even more real.

2) TimeLapse Barcelona by Loyam. Spain is definitely somewhere I would go right now if I could. This video has an amazing combination of the view of the city to very detailed, colorful shots. You can see great landmarks and people’s day to day lives. The best shot however, would have to be the shot of the moon – which isn’t even unique to Spain but it’s an amazing shot!

3) Le Flâneur by Luke Shepard. Oh Paris, you are beautiful… there’s no doubt about it. This video has a great transition from night to day at the end and the shift of colors is amazing.

4) Seoul Time Lapse 2011 by Oh Choong Young. How can I add Cambodia onto the list and not add Seoul. Yup, I am totally Korean by blood. The sunlight at the beginning, absolutely gorgeous. The Crepuscular Rays shot – incredible… and the background music of Arirang makes my heart beat. I love you, Korea.

5) Metropolis – A New York City Timelapse by Will Boisture. And last but not least, a time lapse of New York City. There’s a reason New York is one of the most visited cities every year. I’ve said this before but I’m definitely starting to see the charms of New York. It’s not even the famous landmarks and buildings that make New York an awesome city – it’s the lives, the people, the movement, the colors and the small little daily things that are just fascinating. This video definitely captures those details well.

Which one of these is your favorite? Do you know any other timelapse videos you’d like to share?

Hope everyone had a wonderful week. Happy Friday, everyone!


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