Not quite kickboxing but sweatboxing is just as fun!

If you remember from far, far, back, I did kickboxing in Cambodia back in July last year. I had always wanted to take a boxing class but never really went out of my way to find one. My sister dragged me to a class once and I had a lot of fun. I went a few times but couldn’t seem to carry it on in Boston.

Recently, I purchased a few class passes to a Sweatbox class – not knowing at all what it is. Haha. But it sounded fun and I really wanted to try it. It’s a program designed specifically for women that mixes hip hop, boxing and a bit of gymnastics too. I used to teach a few Taebo (Taekwondo-boxing) classes back in high school and I thought it would be somewhat similar.

I went for the first time last Monday and I have my second class today. I would say… yes, it’s somewhat similar to Taebo but more hip hop – which I LOVE since I also used to dance hip hop for a few years. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone in Boston. It’s $15 cash for drop in.. you can buy 5 classes for $60 and 11 classes for $120. Check out the rates here.

Class is definitely difficult. K.L., the instructor will make you work! But it’s such a nice break from yoga. Last week, I did a sweatbox class and a few yoga classes throughout the week and it was perfect!

If you are in and around Boston and want some active & fun class to go to, check out! Also, check out the video below to see what sweat-box is like.. of course, I can’t do any of the stuff they do in the video and there is no way I will be able to any time soon but you kinda get the idea of what style it is.


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