Quick Preview of My Weekend

Before anything else, Happy 200th post! yayy! :) I can’t believe I had 200-posts-worth things to share with you and that you’ve stuck with me throughout! Since April, I have been trying my best to post one a day, everyday. It has not been the easiest thing to do but seeing you ‘like’ my posts and comment on them really motivates me to keep going. So thanks for the encouragement!

I’m really excited for this upcoming weekend – for many reasons. For one, it’s finally nice out! It’s absolutely gorgeous and hot – just the way I like it. :) Two, it’s Memorial Day on Monday so it’s a long weekend. Three, it’s just been a long, busy week and I just can’t wait to relax and have fun. And finally (save the best for last), four, Mr. Penguin is in town. :D

We don’t have set plans for anything but tonight we are off to a Tweetup Idol, which if you are in Boston, you should definitely join! It’ll be a bunch of tweeps hanging out and singing karaoke! haha.

Also, tomorrow, Mr. Penguin is DJ-ing at Kulturez, a store in Harvard Square, from 6 – 10pm. So come check that out as well – especially if you are in and around the Cambridge area just walking around :)

Oh! Did I tell you I have a new pet? I’m growing a pot of Gerbera and I’m obsessed. Look at these tiny buds growing! I found them when I got back from work and I was so excited. Haha

Hope you are having a wonderful week! Do you have anything planned for the weekend?


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