Friday Fantasy

Hi guys! Busy busy week but having lots of fun at the same time :) Last week’s Friday Fantasy was all time lapse videos and I loved it – so this week, I am doing a time lapse post part 2. Hope you enjoy!

1) LA Light by Colin Rich. I’ve only been to LA once for like a couple of hours during transit from Seoul to Boston. It was the first city I saw in the U.S. and honestly, I didn’t like it. It was really different. But, I’ve been wanting to go back to visit properly and this video makes me want to visit it sooner than later!

2) Ho Chi Minh City, by Rob Whitworth. Only those of you have visited Ho Chi Minh will know how horrifying it is to cross the streets. But this video gives you a pretty good idea of what it would be like for those you haven’t been there. I really miss Vietnam – great memories there!

3) Bangkok – DUSK TO DAWN by Florian Böhm. I think I’ve mentioned this briefly before – that I am not a HUGE fan of Bangkok. But, I have to say… I haven’t been in a while and maybe I’d feel different about it if I do go back and visit. I was planning to last year but didn’t get a chance to. I will, hopefully soon!

4) District 1.5, by Drew Geraci. D.C. is one of the first places I went to visit for a holiday after coming to Boston. I don’t remember too much but I loved how clean it was. It was kind of like a cleaner version of Boston. I’d love to go back!

5) Abu Dhabi 2011, by Beno Saradzic. Do I know anything about Abu Dhabi? Nope. Which is why this is so cool!


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