Indulging on sunlight: Memorial Day Weekend

So, I do a blog post on Saturday and totally disappear on Monday – haha. That was intentional! It was a long weekend and I really wanted to spend that Monday OFF – away from technology and work as much as possible. That is why I did my one year anniversary post on Saturday instead of posting it on Monday :) I’m back on schedule now and hopefully will stay this way. I’ve put more on my plate than I probably need but I like being pushed into learning and keeping productive so I’m doing it!

This weekend – I got lots of sunlight (actually, too much since I’m a little sunburnt right now – haha). The weather was gorgeous all weekend. Saturday, we went to Revere Beach – which I’ll do a post on very soon. Sunday, we did a little walk around the harbor, went to watch Men in Black 3 in IMAX 3D and on Monday, we did more chilling in the sun by the esplanade. Busy but relaxing weekend indeed.

I loved every moment of the weekend but my favorite part was watching the sunset on the rooftop while drinking some organic beer. :)

Also, it was my first time watching the Celtics game to the end (I know, I know, I suck).

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend! I’m off to a busy week! 


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