It is beach time – beach time indeed.

Whenever I go back home to Cambodia, going to the beach is a must. Friends and I pack up our bags and we take a road trip down to Sihanoukville. Most of my summers (and winters) have been spent on the beach. However, I’ve never really spent time on a beach near Boston. I’ve been to Martha’s Vineyard but it was during the middle of the winter. Anyway, long story short, I love the beach and last weekend was the first time I had gone to one in Boston or in the U.S. (apart from Hawaii).

It wasn’t the most amazing, gorgeous beach (I don’t have a car so anywhere we go needs to be reachable by public transportation) but it wasn’t as bad as people say it is. We ended up taking the T to Revere Beach. I’ve heard so many stories about how disgusting and dirty it is – but it really wasn’t that bad. Compared to a lot of the beaches I’ve been to (in Cambodia and surrounding places), it actually was not that dirty. Sure, there were a few groups of people I would not want to be near but just go on a day trip with the right group of people and you’ll have fun! I also don’t really like going in the water so I didn’t but it did seem pretty cold to go in.

To get to Revere, take the blue line from Park St. station that heads toward Wonderland station. Get off at the Revere Beach stop and it’s a short walk from there – so simple!

We had Sushi at Fish Market in Allston afterwards. Yumm!

Have you been to Revere beach? Any other beaches around Boston you think I should check out?

Also, if you’ve realized.. I’ve only been taking Instagram photos lately.. because the camera I was using belongs to my sister and she’s back in Cambodia taking absolutely gorgeous photos of her vacation (hopefully!). So bare with me until she’s (the camera) is back. hehe


2 thoughts on “It is beach time – beach time indeed.

  1. Hey I been to revere beach:D There’s a sizeable cambodian population there:) I personally like it because it is big and playing volleyball there is my favorite things to do there. If you have a chance try Hampton beach. It’s great and many places to go.

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