Weekend Diary Pt.1: Familiarity in NYC

Every time I go to NY, it grows on me just a bit more. I have been to New York a few times before but I’ve only recently started to enjoy my time there. I think the main reason is because I have started to treat it like a normal weekend rather than a vacation or a trip packed in one weekend. There’s so much to do in NY that it’s really easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you have to do everything or do as much as you can while you are there. Living in Boston, with only a 4 hour bus ride away, I’ve learned to let that mindset go.

Instead of planning everything and making sure my trip to NYC is packed with things to do, I go with an open mind and attitude – doing things as I feel. Since the last couple of weeks at work were crazy busy, I really needed a weekend getaway that wasn’t too overwhelming but somewhat exciting.

I took the Friday afternoon Megabus and got in the city around 10:30pm. I do like Megabus and the frequency of the buses but its price has definitely gone up. It used to be $15 for most of the trips but my trip to NY was $13 and coming back was $24. And I guess with the increasing number of people taking it, they’ve also gotten new buses. The bus on the way to NY didn’t have wifi (which they should definitely note on the schedule since the only reason I took Megabus was because of wifi) and I couldn’t get any work done. If I don’t need wifi, I’d definitely take Fung Wah instead. Also, the only other problem with Megabus is that it drives through Time Square and that’s really not the best option- especially on Fridays. So definitely watch out for possible delays.

Usually, I stay near Time Square or Upper East Side and don’t get to explore too many other places but this time I was staying near SoHo area and was actually only looking forward to staying in that area. I spent a lot of time by SoHo and Chinatown during my last visit and really liked it. It’s definitely less crazy than the Time Square area and I love the little boutique stores and cute cafes on the different streets.

There are so many art galleries that support local, independent artists. Some of the artworks are really cool and I’m always surprised at how much creativity there is just waiting to get recognized. This particular art gallery was small but full of all kinds of artwork. Many were definitely overpriced but it’s all about bargaining. Sometimes I love going through galleries than art museums – I feel like it speaks more about the diversity in the modern culture and every day life than ‘famous’ modern art pieces. It’s more current and reflective with lots of different styles and stories behind them. Not to say famous artists’ piece are bad – it’s just different when artists are not bound by their ‘perceived style’ and have more freedom to create what they want.

On Friday when I arrived, we had a relaxing evening by grabbing a glass of wine at The Dutch and talking about three people we would each have dinner with- dead/alive. My top three were Audrey Hepburn, Andy Warhol and Ban Ki Moon (I know, interesting combo. I’d have dinner with all of them separately one-on-one but wouldn’t it be interesting to have all of them in the same room together? Especially Audrey Hepburn and Ban Ki Moon).

Who would be on your list of three people you’d have dinner with?


2 thoughts on “Weekend Diary Pt.1: Familiarity in NYC

  1. So glad you enjoyed yourself in my favorite city in the world! I lived there for years and not a day goes by where I don’t miss it.

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