Weekend Diary Pt.2: A packed day of yoga, markets, museum & Bananagrams in NYC

Saturday was packed yet somewhat relaxing. We weren’t under a tight schedule and didn’t really have anything planned but we ended up getting so much done. Our day started off with a little yoga session at Greenhouse Holistic in Brooklyn on 88 Roebling Street. We were really lucky with the weather. I thought it would rain all weekend but Saturday was gorgeous out. I hear the weather in Boston was a little crappy so I’m glad I got to escape it!

The yoga class was a basic Vinyasa class, which was exactly what I needed after a very stressful week (more on this later). It was relaxing and much more focused on the mind and the soul than the body. I feel like a lot of yoga classes have become too much of a ‘workout’ or a ‘fitness’ class where the instructor is just shouting out positions after positions. The first part of the class at Greenhouse Holistic with instructor Amanda Capobianco was definitely very relaxing. What I really liked about the class was that the door was open and the temperature of the room was controlled by the weather. It kind of reminded me of taking yoga classes back in Cambodia where it’s all open space.

After the relaxing yoga session, we were able to walk around a farmer’s market and if you know me, I love farmers market. There were little pots of cacti that I would love to buy and decorate my new place with (moving in September). As much as I love my pot of Gerbera, it is definitely easier to take care of a cactus.

The rest of the day was spent back in SoHo and Chinatown. We went to the New Museum – which, if you are REALLY into modern art and have been to all museums possible, you can consider going… but I really would’ve much rather gone to all the galleries around the area instead of paying admission fee for… that.. but now I know. We grabbed some dumplings in Chinatown with friends. We went to the Hester Street Fair, which was smaller than I thought but nice. And we ended the night with a sushi dinner and Bananagrams.

I’m always down for a night of sushi and Bananagrams.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Diary Pt.2: A packed day of yoga, markets, museum & Bananagrams in NYC

  1. Where did you practice yoga in Cambodia? Just wondering if we were going to the same studio in PP. ;-) Glad you had such a nice weekend, the Sunday sounds just perfect. Reading your post right now is making me miss NYC… :-)

    • I went to Nataraj! That was the only one I really knew. haha where did you go?? It was a great weekend indeed. I still have one more short post on NY coming up for tomorrow – so stay posted :)

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