Weekend Diary Pt.3: Attempting to Mini Golf in NYC

You know one of those days where you are just totally ready to go on a shopping spree and buy something? Well, I’m not a huge shopper and I rarely go shopping so when I do get those urges, I have to go shopping. That’s how I felt on Sunday. I just wanted to stroll around and buy an outfit – something I don’t own. I was ready to be daring (since I pretty much only wear black) and try something new. But I failed miserably. Haha. I walked around SoHo, up and down Broadway and W.Broadway street but ended up with nothing. Oh-well. I enjoyed my little walk around the neighborhood though.

After my failed attempt at shopping, we decided to walk along the river and check out the neighborhood. I saw the Freedom Tower for the first time and also got to try Mini Golf for the first time. You could definitely tell that I had never played it before but I wasn’t too awful…. I don’t think. The Mini Golf course was located right next to the water and it was only $5 per person, which is so cheap! I want to play again.

I grabbed the 6 p.m. bus back to Boston and was soaked from the rain but definitely not a bad trip! But yes, my NY adventure ended with no new clothes but a fun Mini Golf experience so it was a winning situation regardless.

So that was my weekend trip to NY. Can’t wait for my next trip :)

What should I explore during my next trip?


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