Friday Fantasy

It’s finally Friday and I’m so surprised that I’m saying that! Usually, by the time it’s Friday, I’m like “Can’t believe it’s Friday,” but this week, it’s been way too long. It was a busy busy week and so much happened yet I’d wake up and it would only be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday… and finally.. it’s Friday! Talk about TGIF, seriously.

Yes, so much happened this week. I had something going on every day after work (that’s counting sweatbox and yoga classes too). The highlights were.. I went to a Meet, Plan, Go! Boston Meetup on Wednesday and met some amazing travelers based in Boston and last night, I had a blast meeting awesome bloggers at the Boston Bloggers June Meet + Greet. After the MPG Boston Meetup with great conversations with travelers, I could not stop thinking about getting out there and traveling the world. I’m also in a summer mood so I’ve been thinking a lot about beaches and islands. It’s just perfect that TripAdvisor released a list of Top 10 islands in the world yesterday. So perfect!As always, here are my top 5 from the 10 must-see islands.

1) Bali, Indonesia. I’ve mentioned Bali in several Friday Fantasy posts but this photo is absolutely gorgeous. The rays coming in through the branches, the water. I really need to get myself to Bali soon.

Bali PhotosThis photo of Bali is courtesy of TripAdvisor

2) Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. Is that a seal, I see? That’s a seal.  Don’t know too much about Equador but this is too pretty.

Galapagos Islands ImagesThis photo of Galapagos Islands is courtesy of TripAdvisor

3) Easter Island, Chile. I’ve only seen Chile and Easter Island in photos. I need to get myself to Chile too. So many places to go!

Easter Island PhotosThis photo of Easter Island is courtesy of TripAdvisor

4) Santorini, Greece. I think I’ve said enough about Greece and how much I would love to visit in my previous Friday Fantasy posts. But seriously, the white houses with dots of bold colors here and there still totally amazes me.

Santorini PhotosThis photo of Santorini is courtesy of TripAdvisor

5) Anguilla, Caribbean. Last but not least, the Caribbean. The crystal blue water is totally flirting with me right now.

Anguilla PhotosThis photo of Anguilla is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Any of these islands on your list too? Have you been to any? Help me choose one!

4 thoughts on “Friday Fantasy

  1. It’s not in our plan and worse yet, it’s outside our budget, but we are still tempted to get to the Galapagos Islands, since they are “relatively” close to where we’re traveling, and they are supposed to be amazing… Too many places to go! :-) I’ve never even heard of Anguilla, but I’d still love to go EVERYWHERE on your list. Hope you get to at least one of your dream islands soon!

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