Challenge #1: Is this dance…?

This is a first part of a series I’m hoping to start and maintain. Per my last post, I’m trying to do new things to get out of my comfort zone. I’ve always loved trying and doing different things so I’ve decided to challenge myself. My first challenge: try a new type of dance.

I used to dance a lot. Hip hop, jazz, modern dance, modern jazz, salsa, bachata, ballroom dance, folk dance, Khmer traditional dance, Bollywood style dance, etc. I wanted to scope out a dance studio so that I can get back into dancing. I was looking for a hip hop, jazz or a modern dance class until I stumbled upon a class at the Dance Complex in Cambridge called Nia.

Hmm.. Nia.. I had NEVER heard about Nia before. So, I emailed the instructor and decided to just go to the class to see what it was like. According to the website, Nia is:

The ultimate “feel good, love your body” workout. Nia synthesizes movements from dance (jazz, modern, duncan), martial arts (tai chi, tae kwon do, aikido) and healing arts (yoga, Feldenkrais, Alexander) to deliver a holistic movement practice, that addresses the whole person. Nia classes emphasize the Joy of movement by blending a playful integration of body, mind and spirit with soul-stirring music, in an exhilarating barefoot practice.

Nia blends easy-to-learn choreography with expressive, freeform movement. This unique combination enhances precision, expression, and mindfulness. Nia is adaptable for every body, regardless of fitness level. Learn to develop cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, strength, mobility and balance by tuning into your body’s messages, moment-to-moment, and connecting to the pleasure principle!

Doesn’t sound bad at all. So I went last Saturday morning for the first time. It’s held at the Dance Complex and the class I went to was a 9:30 am class with Julianne Corey. I will say, it was definitely interesting. It was a lot of movement and breathing, which was a really good wake up for the body but not too strenuous for an early morning Saturday class. It was a bit too basic for me but I did appreciate the stretching and the movement. I would probably leave my Nia experience at this.. now I know what Nia is and I also know that I’m looking for something more active. Here’s a video to kind of show you what Nia is:

What should be my next challenge?


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