On nom nom: Girls’ Night Out!

I haven’t been to a girls’ night out in a while and last Saturday, I had the most fun I’ve had in a while. We talked, laughed and danced the night away at two of my favorite venues. This is less about food since we all met after dinner hours. We started off by gathering at Lolita for a little chat and get-to-know-each-other session and moved on to Storyville for lots of dancing!

Lolita: I’ve been to Lolita before and know that the food is really good. However, I hadn’t tried much apart from the Sangria (which is also really good) so I was excited to try some of the drinks. I started the night with the Blanco ($9), a white sangria,  just to be safe. I usually only drink red sangria but I wanted to try something a bit more refreshing and smooth. The blend of vanilla vodka and fruits (peaches, lychee, pineapple, green grapes) was really good and kinda what I needed after a really big dinner. For my second drink, I ordered a Red Lulu ($11), which was such a pretty drink. It’s a champagne drink with peach liquor and hibiscus flower blossom. So pretty but wasn’t the best drink. Because of the way it looks, the hibiscus flower was keeping all the flavor on the bottom (the gradient was very attractive) so when I got to the end of my glass, it was almost too sweet for me to drink. It wasn’t a bad choice but I would probably try a different drink next time. I didn’t eat food there this time but I can say that the food is actually pretty good. Definitely a great place to just lounge, chat, laugh and have a good time.

Storyville: I had also been to Storyville once before but it was a while ago and all I remember drinking was a Dirty Martini. I just remember Storyville being a little overpriced but that’s just the type of venue it is. I wish I had tried more different drinks but because we were planning to dance, we didn’t get anything special. We did get a cocktail shooter that had vodka and grapefruit juice but I don’t think that’s on the menu. There were a lot of people dancing on Saturday night but the venue is really spacious so it’s a nice place to go dance. Also, there are two separate DJs in different rooms so you can change the vibe up a bit.

Overall, a good night out and definitely met some awesome ladies who I’ll be keeping in touch with :) Thanks to the awesome @bessiejking for organizing!

Have you been to any of these venues? What did you think? What’s your favorite thing to get there?


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