Friday Fantasy

By now you know that I love anything outdoors. Which is why I love the summer and appreciate a gorgeous weather. I also love anything film, movie, music.. you know what. I love a lot of things. I haven’t been to too many plays or shows lately and when I saw an article on Flavorwire, “The Most Beautiful Outdoor Theaters in the World,” I was hooked. Theater + Outdoors…. perfect! As always, here are my top 5 from the list.

1) Minack Theatre — Cornwall, England: The location, awesome. The backdrop, amazing. And you know my obsession with Midsummer Night’s Dream I mentioned before? Well, according to Flavorwire, “as legend has it, after local villagers staged Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream in a local meadow, a Miss Rowena Cade offered her seaside garden as a more suitable location. Miss Cade and her gardener “made a terrace and rough seating, hauling materials down from the house or up via the winding path from the beach below. In 1932, The Tempest was performed with the sea as a dramatic backdrop, to great success.”

Image credit: Maison Burke; HD Wallpapers from Flavorwire

2) Meadow Pavilion at Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts by — Wolf Trap, Virginia: The stream makes it an amazing location during the summer. It’s probably very cool, quiet and serene. In the middle of the trees, with a stream running behind you, anything performed there would be a magnificent piece of art.

Image credit: Gregory Maxwell from Flavorwire

3) Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Theatre by Zhang Yimou — Lijiang, China: Another amazing backdrop – this time, a snow mountain. Look at the structure of the theater and how it compliments the mountains and the clouds. The theater is known for its annual show demonstrating the traditions and lifestyles of the Naxi, Yi, and Bai peoples of the area.

Image credit: Sarah Jamerson from flavorwire

4) Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre — London, England: The shape of the stage is so fun and I love how the darkness of the theater is controlled by the sky. It makes spotlights and objects stand out even more. Their delightful site tells us what to expect: “each night an incomparable atmosphere is created by the buzz of people enjoying their theatregoing in every sense: people setting up hampers on the picnic lawn, filling their glasses with wine or drinking Pimms in the bar as the fairy lights twinkle in the trees.” Sounds delightful!

Image credit: MH Federation from Flavorwire

5) Red Rocks Amphitheater — Morrison, Colorado: This theater screams ‘Colorado’ with its well-known rocky mountains. It gives the place a character and makes it very distinctive.

Image credit: Colorado Bucket List from Flavorwire

Have you been to an outdoor theater? The only I’ve been to is a small one at the Boston Commons.. haha.

Outdoors + Theatre = Perfect Summer Activity, don’t you think?


8 thoughts on “Friday Fantasy

  1. I went to one on a school field trip and WISH I could remember where! It was a bit dilapitated but so rich in history. Gorgeous photos, I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

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