Quick Preview of My Weekend

It is absolutely hot in Boston – it’s right now 31 degrees Celsius (88 Fahrenheit). Don’t get me wrong, I love heat – I love the sun, burning sun actually. But, the humidity – oh, the humidity… gross. Anyway, I’m glad it’s not cold. I’d rather have hot over cold any day :)

You pretty much know what is going on this weekend, I’m off to the Nomading Film Festival on Saturday, which I am super duper excited about. Totally ready to hang out with some international nomads – I haven’t done that in a while. Also, excited to watch some great travel films that will inspire me to get out there more!

Apart from that, Friday night, I’m just gonna relax, pack and get ready for an amazing weekend! Oh, and I had to share with you… Matt is back and he is dancing as usual! Haha Where the Hell is Matt? is back. Check out the 2012 edition :)


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