Patterns of Korea

Patterns, colors, and the little details are what come together to make something beautiful and amazing. I’ve blogged about the patterns and colors of Cambodia before similar to my post, Cambodia Travels: Patterns of Angkor. Today’s post on patterns and colors is on Korea. I haven’t been to Korea in a while especially after I started this blog. I think if I visited Korea now, it would be a VERY different experience for me just because I’ve learned to appreciate different things more. I would explore the culture a bit more and pay more attention to my surroundings than I used to. Back when I used to visit, more often than not, I was busy doing day to day stuff… going shopping, taking classes, hanging out with friends… but didn’t really get to travel much and even if I traveled, I never really paid attention or cherished it.

My friend Han is in Korea right now and has been taking some amazing photos reminding me how beautiful Korea really is. The photos are all taken in the middle of the city too and I think Korea’s a great example of a city that preserves its culture so well in the midst of modern development and architecture.

All you have to do is pay more attention and just observe. These are all photos taken in Seoul.

He just went to the army today (like a proud Korean man – haha). Wish him luck!

Check out more of his amazing photos on his Flickr & Tumblr.

3 thoughts on “Patterns of Korea

    • It’s so interesting how your perspective changes when you start focusing on the little details and appreciate them.. You are definitely going to like the video on my next post coming in… 2 hours. haha

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