Amazing times at the Nomading Film Festival 2012

When you hang out with travelers from all over the world, you forget about everything and have the best time ever – great food, drinks, stories, a lot of fun and a high dosage of inspiration. That was what this weekend was exactly about – having fun, living the moment and getting inspired.

I call myself a traveler and travel blogger but there’s so much more to learn and so many more things to explore. It was almost a reality check for me that I really do need to get myself out there and out of my comfort zone even more. Lindsay (@travelinglinds), from Fashionista Travel, and I met up at South Station early Saturday morning to catch a four-hour ride to NY. It was my first time seeing @travelinglinds since we met at the Blog Better Boston conference back in March and I was excited to have a travel buddy! We met in March for a few hours and have been keeping in touch via Twitter. After a hot bus ride (the AC on our Fung Wah bus was broken for the first half of the trip) and a frantic subway ride uptown, we finally got to the hostel, Hostelling International New York (@HINewYork). We checked-in, put our bags down and headed over to the outdoor area for some festival fun!

We did arrive a little late so didn’t get to go in the first screening and since everyone was in the screening, it was a bit empty. But, we grabbed amazing tacos from the Tribeca Taco Truck (@TribecaTaco) and a cold Butternuts‘ Porkslap Pale Ale. We chatted with one of the founders of The Nomading Film Festival (@NoFFnyc), Josh, for a while until other travel bloggers @travelinglinds had met at the TBEX conference started rolling in one by one.

Overall, the festival was so much fun. There were lots of games, a fun little photo booth, a live band, great people and of course, awesome travel films.The main part of the conference was to watch 10 films and choose two films in different categories: ‘The nomad I want to travel with’ and ‘The most enlightening trip.’ Needless to say, it was very difficult to choose from 10 amazing and unique films but here is the one that resonated with me:

Live. Love. Bike by

This one made me feel warm and fuzzy and tear up a bit. I loved some of the things Ryan said in the commentary like how “it felt incredibly freeing to move my body and mind all day long.”  As he meets people on the road and asks them the question, “What do you love most about life?” it’s really heartwarming to witness how much people appreciate the little moments in their lives.

I definitely loved all of them and I will let you know now that my Friday Fantasy this week will be about the films I saw at the festival, which will hopefully inspire you to get out, experience and appreciate the world. Another highlight of the festival was finally getting to meet Erin from The World Wanderer (@TheWrldWanderer) who is always so supportive of my blog. If you haven’t yet, please check her blog out. She did a little recap of the event here. Also, she’s off on a trip to Africa soon and you know you want to keep up with her travels!

After the festival, we went out for dinner and drinks at the Boat Basin, appreciated the company and the beautiful sunset, and hung out at Amsterdam Tavern until it was time to go back to our hostel and pass out. It was a long but a fulfilling day.

More posts on my weekend, awesome people and my first experience at a hostel in New York coming your way very soon! :)


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